A Brief Editor’s Note

Today, 6th March, a team of Year 9s took a day out of lessons to take part in the BBC Young Reporter scheme. This entailed writing their own articles on topics of their choosing; Andy Murray, Self-driving buses, Cambridge UCAS applications and School Musicals were just a few of the topics we crossed. They produced a total of eleven articles within the team. Once the team had created their article I, as the editor, took on the role of proofreading and uploading the articles to our website. Via a quick scroll of the website you can see a compilation of all of their zealous efforts and all that they have achieved throughout the day.

Group meeting after the first hour of writing

Day 2 of the Biggest Car Intervention of 2019 So Far!

This morning, the acceleration of the Geneva Motor Show started up again for day 2. The first day got the wheels rolling as people flooded in from all over the world to see the global advancements in motoring.

The intervention includes a closer look at brand new cars and the people behind the ideas of them will be talking to buyers and journalists at the convention. The incredible motors that are being released in the near future are also on show with the cars that have just been released.

One of the fantastic hypercars on show is the Aston Martin Project 003. This sleek machine will go against its rivals Ferrari and McLaren.

By Noah, Year 9.

Ysgol John Bright’s Production of ‘Guys and Dolls’

Ysgol John Bright teachers and pupils are making last preparations for the anniversary of their 10th consecutive school show to be performed in Venue Cymru. They have progressed from the likes of ‘Fame’, to ‘Oliver’ and now ‘Guys and Dolls’ with many in honourable mentions in between. The cast are all raring to go with great morale and hopes that this will be the best show yet!

The show is open to all year groups when auditions were held last October and rehearsals commenced shortly after. The show follows a love stricken Nathan Detroit (played by Tomos Bohanna) trying to find a place to host his illegal Crap game which moves to a different spot every night while his fiancee Miss Adelaide (played by Katie Haywood) attempts to tie him down with marriage and five children. Sky Masterson (played by Tom Roberts)  is pursuing Sarah brown (played by Lilly Street) on a bet for $1000 which Nathan needs to bribe people for his game. Lilly said that she “really resonates with [her] character as [they] are both headstrong and independent people.” Euan Butterworth (who plays Nicely Nicely Johnson) proves to be very popular with the other cast members as all four other main roles that we interviewed said that he was their favourite person to work with on stage because of his ‘bubbly’ personality.

When asked why they wanted to be in ‘Guys and Dolls’, it was a no brainer for most of the cast with the aforementioned Euan Butterworth saying that he has “taken part in every single school show since [he] joined YJB in Year 7.” on a lighter note, when asked what might surprise the audience we were told that the fact James-who is fifteen- has a “full on beard” would be the most surprising thing within the production.

The cast are without a doubt the most ambitious teenagers to have ever graced the Venue Cymru stage. They prefer to be cast in characters which are the “polar opposite” to their actual personalities, as Tom remarked when asked about what he likes about playing Sky Masterson.

If you went to see ‘School of Rock’ last year and are apprehensive that it might be a stark contrast from the energetic, rock n roll nature of last year’s show, fear not; for this year is not following the conventions of a “typical school show” this year includes “more dancing than ever” which really showcases that the Performing Arts department at Ysgol John Bright excel in not only singing and acting, but also dancing- there’s a particular “favourite” dance sequence between Nicely, Benny and Rusty -everyone’s favourite trio.

The Ysgol John Bright production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ is being performed in Venue cymru on the 14th and 15th of March, I encourage everyone to go and buy tickets for the show for £16, just in case we needed to sell it to you anymore, in the words of ‘main man’ Tom Roberts “The cast are incredibly talented, you won’t get bored and there are lots of good songs.”

By Saul, Year 9.


World-renowned Russell group member University of Cambridge will give students from a ‘disadvantaged background’ a second chance to apply after they receive their A Level results in Summer 2019.

For the first time, Cambridge University will take part in the UCAS ‘adjustment’ process which allows students to re-apply to universities after they receive their A Level results this Summer. The change comes as a follow on from their on-going work into helping improve social inclusion for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dr Sam Lucy, director of admissions at Cambridge, said: “Students have to apply almost a year before they start their course, and some may be on an upward academic trajectory and not demonstrating their full academic potential at the point of interview.

“Adjustment provides those students who go on to achieve highly with an opportunity to be reconsidered as soon as they have their final results, rather than having to make a reapplication the following year. We hope this will have a positive impact, in enabling us to admit talented students from underrepresented groups who narrowly miss out in the first round.”

The UCAS system of adjustment allows students who have outperformed the terms of the conditional university offer they are holding, to refer themselves for consideration by another institution. However, this adjustment process will only be open to undergraduate Cambridge hopefuls who have already taken part in the interviewing process, only narrowly missed out on a place and come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The type of disadvantage will include young people living in deprived areas, in places where few people go to university and who are at schools where few people have ever gained places at Cambridge or Oxford. Alongside the Sutton Trust, Cambridge are offering 100 pupil places after results day starting from Summer 2019.

But is this really fair?

We went around the school to ask people’s opinions on whether disadvantaged students should have a better chance of getting into high standard institutions:

Mr Lawson, Deputy Head: “I think this is a really good step forward. Anything that helps to improve social mobility, especially into higher education programmes is a really positive change for any institution.”

Molly Tong, Year 12: “I feel that this is a good opportunity for students who may not have the same privileges as others, however I feel that there are two extremes on the spectrum, and that those who are neither disadvantaged or affluent are left with a very narrow chance to get accepted.”

Miss Hancox, head of English: “It’s good to help the disadvantaged students that might already have life weighted against them through no fault of their own. Cambridge has tried in the past to make applying to the university for disadvantaged pupils but this is the biggest form of change I personally have seen from them so far.”

Year 13 student: “I don’t think it is very fair. They already adopt a positive discrimination policy in their initial recruitment, so why is it that poorer students are the only ones allowed a second chance?  I think it should be an opportunity offered to all people who didn’t originally get an offer, as their initial admissions process is already weighted towards ‘disadvantaged students.’”

Overall, the changes made by Cambridge will result in more students from different backgrounds applying to the university and help their diversity as an institution on the whole, but these changes may not be making the university more accessible to all.

By Kayleigh, Year 12

Advantage Murray, Is He Back in the Game?

Three time grand slam champion Andy Murray has given a positive update on his injury by revealing he is now “pain-free” after having a hip operation earlier this month that his surgeon said “was his only and final resort “ .

However, Murray also admitted that the pain and struggles with his chronic hip injury meant that the Australian Open in January was a disaster and  could have been his final tournament.

If the worst does happen and Murray retires; well, who’s next?

Rising star Kyle Edmund and 23 world ranked player is currently the best male Tennis player in the UK with a promising future. In the women’s ranking Konta stands in 45th place after being knocked out in the 2nd round of the Australian Open.

BBC News reporter Simon Munday said “Sir Andy Murray is the greatest sportsman Britain has ever had” – and I confess that I agree, although some may not agree preferring Chris Hoy or Mo Farah. Murray has brought so much to British Tennis and has contributed to the tennis community.

By Isaac, Year 9.

Have The Reds “Bottled It”?

A former 7 point lead ahead of Manchester City has now been narrowed down to a one-point deficit and now with only nine games left the question is being asked, ‘have Liverpool bottled it?’

Personally as a Liverpool fan of fourteen years, I think that – not to be cliched – this year is our year. We have the strongest defence is the league with the likes of Virgil Van Dijk, Andrew (Andy Robbo) Robertson and youngster with superb potential, Trent Alexander-Arnold.

And having the most explosive attacking front three in the league, featuring Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, scoring goals won’t be an issue.

I think that it is very unfair to say that Liverpool has, ‘bottled it’ when there is nine games left and Manchester City are only one point ahead in the table, therefore it would only take one loss or draw and for Liverpool to win to be back on top.

Liverpool FC have been known to not perform at vital moments as they were completely obliterated by Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions league final 3-1. Although Liverpool have performed against the odds in extraordinary situations.

An example of this would be when they were losing 2-0 in 9 minutes against Borussia Dortmund in the Europa league quarter-final leg 2/2 and ended the game winning 4-3 with Centre back Dejan Lovren scoring a last minute winner sending the reds to the the next round of the tournament.

A more famous and more mind blowing stunt Liverpool managed to pull of in the Champions league final in Istanbul, 2005 was coming back from 3-0 down to bring it back to 3-3 and end up winning in a penalty shootout.

By Danny, Year 9.

“I’m Really Sorry, Your Hero Was Bad” Claims Against Michael Jackson Sexually Abusing a 7 and 10 Year Old

Rose McGowan make accusations of Michael Jackson having relationships with younger children and expressed how she felt in a recent podcast.

Michael Jackson was, and still is, a huge idol towards many and had a long life music career starting with a band known as the “Jackson 5” with his family members. Later in his life he portrayed his own music career, creating many number one singles and albums. Jackson had over 50 awards including 13 Guinness world records to do with his success. Michael Jackson died of an overdose in June 2009.

Rose McGowan is an author, actor and activist who was one of the most prominent figures for the #MeToo movement. She is most famous for her activist career and is all over many articles for the claims against Michael and the #MeToo movement, although she is also a recognised author, actress and musician.

A recently released documentary called “Leaving Neverland” is about all the accusations made against Michael and the boys who were supposedly abused repeatedly by him. The famous actor Macaulay Culkin recently said that he had a ‘relationship’ with Jackson. Culkin said he slept in the pop-stars bed many times as a child and described it as “normal”.

The mother of Michael Jackson has admitted that he had “relationships” with children before he passed and that he was giving money to the children’s parents to cover up his actions. Multiple victims like Macaulay Culkin have come forward and have admitted about the relationships and abuse by Michael.

Many people are thinking this is a fake article and made for all the money because of how big an idol and how great his public image is, but also because all the accusations all came out after almost 10 years of him passing.

By Nathan, year 9.